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Square Tea Bag

Square tea bag

Tea bag using eco-friendly biodegradable filter (PLA)

Types of square tea bag filter

Teatime uses a nylon tea bag that is free from concerns over environmental hormones.
Because the tea bag is attached using an ultrasonic method instead of using an edible adhesive,
you can safely enjoy our products.

  • What is a biodegradable filter (PLA)?

    The biodegradable filter (PLA) is made from 100% natural corn starch, an eco-friendly material. The used biodegradable filter triangle tea bag becomes soil-like within 30 days in an optimal environment under the ground. And the quality has been certified by the USFDA, German LFGB, and MFDS of Korea.

    01 No harmful substances are generated even in boiling water.

    02 You can see the raw materials in the transparent tea bag in detail.

    03 Used tea bags decompose into carbon, dioxide, and water.

Square Tea Bag Tag (Handle)

    • 01Custom tag samples

    • 02Custom tag samples

    Tags can be customized.
    (size:20*20 / 25*25mm)

    Use universal tags when on-demand tags are not required.

Square tea bags individually packaged

  • Square tea bags individually packaged
    [with continuous film sealing]

    01 Outer packaging provided for individual tea bags with printed packaging paper

    02 Fast production with automated process

    03 Standardized size (90X105mm), glued on 3 sides

    04 Easy to carry and long-time preservation taste and aroma

  • Square tea bags individually packaged
    [PP bag]

    01 Tea bags manually put in custom-made bags

    02 The lower part is heat-bonded for a beautiful appearance

    03 Envelope sizes and shapes available for your choice

    04 Easy to carry and high preservation of taste and aroma